With the state of Pennsylvania legalizing Medical Marijuana, there has been a growing need for clinics to support and assist patients in obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card. In creating the opportunity for patients to have access to Medical Marijuana, The Pennsylvania Department of Health has been very clear about some of the requirements that both patients and physicians need to follow to safely and legally prescribe and possess Medical Marijuana.

Many patients struggle to get access to the necessary support and physicians who have been approved by the state to approve Medical Marijuana. With patient care at the forefront Medical Marijuana Solutions will provide a compliant, safe and structured program which allows them to legally pursue a Medical Marijuana card.



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Ben Lago Medical Marijuana Solutions and Certification Clinics


Owner, CEO, Principal


Ben Lago completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Penn State in 2005. During his time at Penn State, Ben played football while earning academic excellence and Deans Lists.In 2010, Ben shifted his professional path to healthcare. Working as a device rep, he spent 5years in the operating room with new and emerging and disruptive technologies. In 2015, Ben created his first company, Griffin Medical, a sales and distribution group which focused on consulting series for private physicians. Focusing on diagnostic testing, ancillary services and helping physicians become more profitable, he managed this organization in the mid-Atlantic geography. The evolution of Griffin Medical led to a second company, Toxicology Specialists, which provided a clinical protocol and process for addiction treatment facilities to better manage and reduce risk through defined testing processes. In 2017, Ben built, owned and managed a complex toxicology lab in Pittsburgh with his partners. With his firsthand experience and knowledge of the clinic markets, as well as the havoc of the opioid epidemic in today’s society, he launched his latest venture,

Medical Marijuana Solutions.

Chad Rodman, Medical Director


Director of Operations/Cannabis Specialist

Chad obtained his Bachelors of Science in biology and a Master’s in Public Health.  Recently he was employed at The Healing Center dispensaries here in Pittsburgh, were he provided passionate care daily to medical cannabis patients utilizing his extensive knowledge of the endocannabinoid system.

As a former clinical research associate at Hillman’s Cancer Center, He managed complex phase one clinical trials in Oncology. During his time at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Chad was an epidemiologist and subsequently was published in the Agromedicine Journal.

Two years of medical school gave him an in-depth understanding of the intricate mechanisms of the human body. Through my cannabis, scientific, and educating roles, Chad have been preparing for such a position in the medical cannabis industry. His ultimate passion is helping people, more specifically helping patients with medical cannabis, as it is a personalized medication, unique to each individual. 

Medical Marijuana Solutions.